Purple is for Penshaw

We began this week with a walk to Penshaw Tearoom and Nursery. We found out how to run a cafe, as we have our very own role play cafe in class, and we also explored what seed need to grow well into plants. The children were praised by all for their fantastic behaviour and the sun shone for a lovely walk there. A big thank you to the Tearoom staff for looking after us so well 🙂



Green is for Growth

This term is all about colour and we begin with green. We read ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and explored the different vegetables that Oliver found in his Grandparent’s garden.

With the vegetables we created faces in the style of Arcimbolo. What a creative bunch we have!

We also welcomed some new life into EYFS… with some tadpoles in our pond and some chicks hatching from their eggs!

Ribbit, ribbit!

This week has seen us explore pond and stream habitats and making more plans for our very own pond in school.

We learnt about the lifecycle of a frog and how a tiny frogspawn grows to be a fully grown frog.

On Thursday we invited our families in after school to help us design our pond. Here are some of the wonderful designs created:

We read ‘The Frog Prince’ story and talked about some of the events. As we’re getting great at writing now, we have began to answer questions about what we’ve read:

Finally, in maths we have been learning to tell the time and discuss what happens at different times of the day. We are great at reading o’clock times now!

Lizard keepers for the day!

Reception were challenged by a zoo keeper to  find out how to care for a Bearded Dragon today and as a reward for producing some wonderful writing and creating some lovely artwork showing they knew how to care for a lizard, first they were given a small lizard of their very own to care for all day!

They made small hot and safe habitats for them:

And then…. Lizzie the Lizard came in to meet the children and they all described how she felt and looked at the habitat she arrived in:

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Cold habitats and more…

This week we have read the story ‘Bear’s Winter Home’ and investigated how some animals live in cold habitats all year round and some animals need to keep warm when it’s winter.

We have had a think about our areas outside and how we could make them into some different habits to help us learn more. It’s still too cold to set up our pond, but we’re hoping to get it started before the Easter holidays, if it warms up!

We have helped to plan and create a cave and thought about some of the words to describe it. Check back next week for the finished product!


Here are some of the children learning about animals in cold habitats:

The children have been busy learning at home too, check out this amazing animal home for a dog:


The Beast from the East!

We had a short two days in school, before The Beast from the East made an appearance! Just before this, Mrs Butterfield found some frog spawn near in a pond near the beach and rescued them knowing they wouldn’t survive the cold weather. We kept them warm in our class and are going to create a pond in our outside area once the weather improves to watch them grow.

Before the snow…

After the snow…


UPDATE!!! We have begun to clean out and prepare for our new pond. We would like our frogs to live on one side and some fish on the other side. We’re going to learn what they need for good habitats to survive.


Gong Hey Fat Choy!

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception this week. The children have found out how it is celebrated and the significance of dragons. They have enjoyed making their own dragon designs using our new Purple Mash creative program and describing them by writing a sentence.

They have also created dragons in our creative area and made repeating patterned dragons outdoors.

Finally, today we created a wonderful full size Chinese dragon together to parade around school. We hid inside it for our Thursday family open doors and surprised our grown ups!


Together we wrote wishes for our wish tree outside. What a fun week we’ve had!


Pancake day came early!

We read the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ and made our own to eat.

This is how you make them:

You need- flour, milk and eggs.

  1. Mix them, altogether and it turns into batter.
  2. Cook it in a pan.
  3. Flip the pancake.
  4. Put some syrup or sugar on.
  5. Then it is ready and you can eat it.



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